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Name:Joanne Mascall

Dream job: Zoologist or a contemporary dancer

Likes: Animals, especially cats, Dance/theatre, HBO TV series, thai food  and unusual people

Dislikes: Txt

Strengths: Sleeping, Listening and thinking of genius ideas

Weaknesses: Being critical of everything! Chocolate and sleeping too much

Next travel destination: Japan or Madagascar to see all the lemurs

Role model: My Brother..always fulfils his dreams!

Favourite radio station: Of course Radio 1

Do you believe in aliens: Of course..there has to be undiscovered life in our galaxy, somewhere!

Your aim for next year: To own a husky dog and a mansion in Sandbanks, Dorset!

Name: Verity MacGregor

Dream Job: To run a successful bar/ restaurant somewhere hot and sunny

Likes: White wine, summer, paddling in the sea, watching films in bed, the smell of rain and freshly cut grass.

Dislikes: the alarm clock, losing things, the morning after the night before.

Strengths: not taking no for an answer, following my own mind, drinking wine, quoting the whole of Austin Powers.

Weaknesses: singing to the whole of mamma mia after wine, my bed.

Next travel destination: South America hopefully

Role Model: Not aware that I have one!

Favourite radio station: Radio 1

Your aim for next year: To know what I want to do in life and be abroad somewhere!

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