Congratulations to Sheffield’s ‘mad man with the pram,’ John Burkhill.

John Burkhill waving the England flag for the Olympics

Written by Joanne Mascall

John Burkhill, wept at news of carrying the Olympic Torch.

The Olympic torch is coming to Sheffield and who better to carry it through the city than one of Sheffield’s best known local heroes the ‘mad man with the pram’.

John Burkhill, from Richmond, wept for joy when he was told he had been selected to carry the Olympic torch, when it comes to Sheffield ahead of this year’s Games in London.

Olympics 2012

The 73-year-old, who has raised more than £150,000 for Macmillan Cancer Charity, has been chosen to carry the Olympic torch when it comes to Sheffield on June 25.

He will be walking the route from Chapel Town to Hillsborough with his infamous green wig and pram.

More than1,300 people signed a petition calling for John to be given the honour of carrying the Olympic torch.To say thank you to loacl residents, John will be walking 1,000 miles through every district in Sheffield, before the Olympics begins.

John said: “This is a thank-you to every person that’s voted for me to carry the Olympic torch.”

“To be part of history, is something I can not put into words. I am not ashamed to say I cried when I found out, tears of happiness, that an ordinary Sheffield local like me could be chosen.”

To read more about Johns fantastic fund raising efforts see our previous post here.

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