Parkour takes over the UK

Parkour in action, around Sheffield City.

Parkour and free jumping are described as many things, an outdoor sport, art, a philosophy and for some even a way of life. Parkour was developed in France and became a major influence on the development of physical education. The practice quickly gathered a cult following and over the last few years it has become increasingly popular in the UK, with groups forming throughout the country.

Urban Free Flow (UF) is one of the leading parkour networks with around 14,000 member’s worldwide, setting up workshops to give beginners the chance to learn the basics of parkour in a safe environment. UF is London based and encourages people to join from all ages and backgrounds.

A basic overview of Parkour

Parkour is practised by many, for lots of different reasons, including physical benefits, a mental challenge and for fun. Everyone has their own interpretation and definition of it, but at the core, the essence of parkour is the art of moving through your environment and overcoming obstacles using your body. The fundamentals include, running, jumping, climbing and leaping, with the prospect of learning more advanced moves like the quadrupedal movement and the dash vault.

Anyone can get involved in parkour, as it’s free and requires no special training equipment, as long as you have a little imagination, a pair of trainers and plenty of energy.

Visit to find out more on UK Parkour.

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