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‘Tombstoning’: an alternative hobby, a dangerous sport, a dive into the unknown.

May 11, 2012


 Written by Verity MacGregor “The rush of adrenalin as I’m soaring through the air is incomparable to any other feeling. Those few seconds seem to last a lifetime as I’m free-falling.” Nick Stevenson-Steels, 21, from Chesterfield is a regular cliff jumper and can often be found at the Welsh Anglesey coast jumping from various cliff tops […]

A Wish for Megan Helping a 4-year-old Girl to Overcome the Challenges of Spina Bifida

May 11, 2012


By Jennifer King Megan McLaughlin appears to be your average 4 year old girl.  She loves dressing up, looking at animals and playing with her little sister and brother.  The only visible difference between her and any other 4 year old becomes apparent when she moves. Megan was diagnosed with Spina Bifida when she was […]

Robert Shawes, “It’s relaxing, comfortable, and occasionally a little drafty, but naturism gives me the chance to express who I am. And it saves on the washing machine!”

May 10, 2012


Written by Verity MacGregor You’re on a busy bus, pushing a trolley down a supermarket aisle, or walking through a crowded street when you realise. You have no clothes on. We’ve all had the dream, that panicked moment when you’re stark naked and have shown the world your most private parts. The reality is that you’re about […]

Parkour takes over the UK

April 21, 2012


Parkour in action, around Sheffield City. Written by Joanne Mascall Simon Jones, 17, from Ecclesall Road, is a member of the Sheffield Parkour Group, who meet up every Saturday at 12, at Hallam Square. He talks to Alternative lives about how he became interested in Parkour and why he believes it has become so popular […]

Let us know, which story has been your favourite story so far?

April 16, 2012


Please let us know which story you have enjoyed the most. If you lead an Alternative Life and want to feature on our site please contact us at: Posted by Joanne Mascall

Congratulations to Sheffield’s ‘mad man with the pram,’ John Burkhill.

April 1, 2012


Written by Joanne Mascall John Burkhill, wept at news of carrying the Olympic Torch. The Olympic torch is coming to Sheffield and who better to carry it through the city than one of Sheffield’s best known local heroes the ‘mad man with the pram’. John Burkhill, from Richmond, wept for joy when he was told […]

Jenny Blain, a Heathen and Shamanic, is it witchcraft and spells?

March 16, 2012


 “I don’t call what I do magic but ‘seidr’, it is a form of what can be called magical practice. Going into a trance and communicating with some kind of spirit.  The basis of seidr practice is this idea of singing, playing instruments and trance work, doing this might be to help see something or […]